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DevKit Hackathons

Despite what it sounds like, a Hackathon is not about hacking! Instead, it is a fun team learning event where developers come together to collaborate and create a solution to a problem using technology. A DevKit Hackathon allows students to compete against other students across the country to build the coolest mobile apps and games that they can think of with DevKit.

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Why Host One? To Watch Your Students Shine!

A DevKit Hackathon is a perfect opportunity for your school to showcase the creative talents of your students to the world, and to let everyone know that you have some of the most creative young app developers out there. DevKit experts will come to your school, teach your students how to use DevKit, and get them started on building their ideas. At the end of the Hackathon, you can even upload the best ones to the app store!

To check out some apps built by students at other Hackathons, search for "DevKit" in the iOS App Store and browse the results! Atop the apps' descriptions, you'll see the names of the student developers, as well as the names of their schools.

How to Host One? Super Easy.

All that is needed is a classroom and access to iPads or iOS devices. A typical Hackathon involves several two-hour sessions spread over three to four days. The more time that your students have to practice using the app, the better their creations will be.

Your Hackathon can involve one group of students or multiple sessions with different student groups. Sessions can be organized back-to-back or simultaneously. Remember, DevKit is currently an Apple-only development program. Students will need access to an iPad or another iOS device in order to participate.

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