About the Camps

Every camper will leave with his or her very own app published on the iOS App Store for the world to download and play - No Coding Required! Students entering grades 5 through 9 in the fall are eligible to participate.

At the DevKit summer camp, students will be taught to use the DevKit mobile app by our team of experts to create their own games. As the week progresses, your child will continue to tighten his or her grip of knowledge on tons of important coding logic, concepts, procedures, and terminology that will make it easier than ever to tackle coding languages in the future. Not to mention, they'll have a blast doing it!

Day 1 of 4

We would like for students to arrive at camp with DevKit already installed and ready to go on their iPad or iPhone. During the first two days, students will be introduced to the DevKit platform and taught the basics. At the end of Day 1, students will have a solid understanding of the various DevKit components and what is required to start building an app.

Day 2 of 4

Day 2 will commence with the development of the first group application: Ring Tap! As a class, we'll create the Ring Tap app from start to finish, and students will be asked to complete various tasks independently to put their own creative touch on the final product. Afterwards, our staff will have one-on-one sessions with campers to begin brainstorming ideas for their own apps!

Here's the Fun Part!

Days 3 and 4

This is where the fun starts, and where your child will begin to develop his or her own app! Students can choose to work in groups or individually to develop their ideas, and we'll be there to help answer any questions that they have. At the end of Day 4, we'll begin developing screenshots and metadata for your child's app listing on the store. At the top of the description will be his or her name and school, so they'll be able to brag to all their friends (and you can too)!

To Enroll:

The cost to enroll your child in the camp is $200. This includes mentoring on how to use DevKit, on the application development process in general, and on the steps that students can take to pursue careers in computer science. And of course, we will make your child a published application developer!

To enroll your son or daughter, please go to DevKitApp.com/Register and fill out the quick and easy sign-up form. You'll receive a confirmation email containing a license number to the DevKit application, as well as a receipt for your transaction. Requests for full refunds will be granted up until June 30 at midnight.

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