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Learn the fundamentals of coding while building your very own mobile apps

The word "coding" can seem so daunting to new programmers, and for those ambitious enough to take the plunge, the learning curve can be extremely discouraging. DevKit smashes the barrier to entry by providing you with a fun, friendly environment where you can create your own awesome apps and games -- without having to write any code!

Along the way, DevKit teaches all of the important logic, concepts, procedures, and terminology that will make learning your first coding language easier than ever before.

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Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

DevKit is designed by programmers - for new programmers. Every feature of the app has been engineered to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience that will make learning the application development process an absolute breeze.


The first of the 3 DevKit components: Scenes are the views that people will see when they play your app. They're basically empty spaces that you put things in.


The second of the three components: Objects are the things that people will interact with when they play your app - like a user's score or a soccer ball. There are 4 different types of objects.


Last but not least, Actions are what actually make things happen in your app. When you build your actions, you'll be learning all of the real world logic used when writing actual code!

Live Testing

The best part about DevKit is that you can test your apps right away, on a real device, whenever you want!

The Classroom

Whether as an elective, an after school activity, or a daily program, a course in DevKit will equip your students with the tools needed to tackle the most difficult of programming courses in the future. We understand that there can be a bit of a learning curve when incorporating new technology like this, which is why we've come up with an extensive set of materials and resources that will get you up and running in no time.

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